Couples Counselling Brighton Hove

joe aparo

Relationship Counselling

Relationships are often very fulfilling but can also be fraught with emotional difficulties. Issues can build up over time - especially where we have got into habits, or 'ruts' in the way in which we communicate or behave towards each other. Unreasonable behaviour, affairs and betrayals, growing apart and losing the spark are all common reasons couples turn to relationship counselling. We might be left feeling rejected, frustrated, hurt, angry, disappointed, guilty, or lonely when there are problems. Couples Counselling Brighton Hove offers an opportunity to explore the difficulties in your relationship and find ways to help heal the rifts between you.

I am trained to work with couples in a person-centred way. I offer a safe space for couples to really begin to talk openly to each other. Good communication is often at the core of successful relationships. I believe you both have the capability to be the best person you can be in your relationship. It's just that sometimes life gets in the way. I listen to your views on your relationship, hear your feelings about it as you describe what you feel is good and bad about it. At the heart of this process is the fact that at the same time your partner really listens too. Together we explore your relationship on your terms, going at your pace. This offers new ways to both hear and communicate with each other. There may be times when what is said can be quite painful and hard to hear, but, equally, couples counselling can help you re-find the reasons you are together, to re-build trust and make positive changes in a safe, caring environment. Couples counselling can help you to find bridges across the divides that may have formed over time and help you find ways of living together that suit you both.

I offer a free first session, with no obligation on you to continue. I have rooms in both Brighton and Hove. An experienced, fully qualified counsellor, I provide acceptance, empathy, warmth and understanding. I offer a place where you will not be judged and your trust kept in the strictest confidence. This will be true no matter what issues you choose to bring.

I like to work informally and collaboratively to help you both with your problems and issues so that together we can find a way through them. My strengths are: warmth, patience, kindness and a very good sense of humour - when appropriate.

Couples Counselling Brighton Hove Fees

I offer a free first session which lasts for 50 minutes - with no obligation on you to continue - which allows us to meet, to discuss your issues and decide whether we would like to work together.

I charge £70 per 50 minute session for couples.

Lower cost fees are negotiable upon request.